What are the advantages of LinkedIn endorsements?

What are the advantages of LinkedIn endorsements?

LinkedIn is a very When we would like to get in touch tool that could support us. However many sales we are told by people today LinkedIn does not work for them. In this guide we discuss the three most misperceptions. A Great Profile helps to be found by those that are searching for your expertise, products or services through LinkedIn or through Google or other search engines; this is not where the power of LinkedIn resides. LinkedIn is a very Powerful tool for sales individuals that are proactive and do not wait until someone contacts them.  Some have been sent by me Customers an Invitation. However they do not respond to my messages or do not accept the Invitation.

LinkedIn endorsements

LinkedIn is a network tool rather than a sales tool. LinkedIn helps to build relationships. Should you use it like a cold calling machine the response of people is going to be exactly the same as with a cold call. This is not too efficient and not effective, but there is another threat LinkedIn has some resources that individuals could use to indicate that you are a spammer. If you get a lot of these flags, your chances to connect with other men and women will be lowered dramatically. The golden rule of Bob Burg consistently applies: All things being equal people do business with and refer business to people they know, like and trust. LinkedIn offers you the opportunity.

Your network does not always forward your messages and the prospect does respond. Of are, although there may be reasons for this your contact does not understand the prospect your contact does not understand you or your contact believes that your message is overly pushy as a research database to detect the connections between individuals and move outside of LinkedIn Endorsements. Call your contact and explain him the circumstance. Ask him to write an email and the potential to one another, if he responds positively. This way the message is received by your prospect from someone he trusts and knows.

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