MRE Meals Have Come A Long Way

MRE Meals Have Come A Long Way

Meals Ready To EatMRE meals have come a long way since they were first developed. Early versions of these rations were so poorly received by armed forces personnel that quite a few jokes were made about what the acronym stood for. While any laughter possible is good in the field, in truth, it stands for “meal ready to eat” as these packages just need to be heated or have water added for them to be ready for consumption.

That source of heat does not have to be a stove, microwave, or fire. In fact, there are small, portable ration heaters designed specifically for MREs, which makes getting ready to eat easy and convenient. The packages also contain a number of different proteins and entrees, and usually contain things like sides, beverages, and even desert.

The quality and taste of military cuisine has certainly risen over the decades since they started making them for soldiers, sailors, marines, and pilots. On top of that, there are now civilian MRE meals on the market too. You can find military-grade items still, but the marketplace is now flush with options where you can mix and match kits to create your own combinations.

Even though mre wholesale meals started as a field ration for troops in combat theaters or other areas of deployment far from established bases or camps, even civilians can find many uses for them. The sheer convenience of having a complete meal ready to go in one pouch is a blessing for many hikers and campers, and even sailors who go out boating swear by how easy it makes eating with limited space and supplies.

The durability and long shelf life of MREs also makes them a practical solution to keeping nonperishable food around in the event of an emergency.

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